Jewellery Care

Silver Jewellery Care

All silver will tarnish naturally.
There are many factors that will cause this, but the most common are the following:
Wool, food, perfume, chlorine and salt. There are other outside agencies but these are the main causes. The chemistry of your body can speed up the process and can happen quickly on certain skin types and slower on others.

To keep your jewellery in beautiful condition, remove jewellery before swimming or showering, as soaps can cause a film on the silver, making it appear very dull, and chlorine at high temperatures can permanently damage your piece.

A soft silver polishing cloth is a great way to keep your silver shiny, or you can use a gentle washing up liquid with warm water and a soft toothbrush to keep it clean. After cleaning, dry thoroughly.

Frequent cleaning in this way is very beneficial, if more stubborn marks appear, then more abrasive cleaning will be necessary, we use either Town Talk or Goddards they work fantastic!

Our charms are all fine silver (99.9%) and all chains, bracelets and jump rings are (92.5%) sterling silver.

As fine silver is a soft metal, if worn on a daily basis, it will gradually age.

If you are wearing your piece on a bracelet, we strongly advise to get the jump ring soldered to make it more secure.

Please be assured of our best attention at all times and if you require any further assistance, please contact us on 0191 5214477